12 Januray, 2019

Exciting designer job role opportunity

09 January, 2019
E-developed Technology

We are currently expanding our design team and looking for an experienced Creative Web/Graphic Designer with 3 years+ experience and superb design skills. If you can design cutting edge responsive websites and print materials then you may be that person to join us.

Salary negotiable. Please get in touch by email info@e-developedtechnology.com or telephone 033 - 4604-9304

11 October, 2018

We’re hiring bright sparks, talented types and all round strokes of genius.

12 July, 2018
E-developed Technology

In the midst of an exciting period of growth E-developed Technology are looking for talented new people to join our creative and development teams. With a number of new positions available we are interested in hearing from people across a broad mix of experience levels and disciplines.

We are looking for:

Web designers
Frontend developers
PHP Developers
Web/digital design internships
Freelance developers
Freelance designers
For more information please get in touch:

or telephone 033 - 4604-9304

09 April, 2018

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like...

09 April, 2018
E-developed Technology

If you choose to work with our designers, you are in for a treat.

Part of what sets E-developed Technology design team aside from other designers is that they generally live for design. You know the saying ‘live, drink, eat’ that’s what they do for design all day, every day.

We really feel this is a crucial factor when it comes to the design process, as without passion and engagement, the visual impact will only be half way there. A good designer considers every single detail: from the execution of line, form, colour, typography, to the material the design is printed on and the purpose and meaning behind each of these attributes. Our skilled designers will work in collaboration with you to formulate a design that will both compliment your brand identity and project your company at its best; creating an impression on future customers.

Design, after all, is about making a mark and is “thinking made visible”.

We are looking for:

For more information please Contact Us

or telephone 033 - 4604-9304


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